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From the inside out, our retreats give you the kickstart you need. Nourishing food, energising movement, optimising recovery and empowering socialisation are our four key pillars. Dottie and Ben guarantee that you will leave feeling revitalised and invigorated with the magic combination of work, play, relaxation and nutrition.

Image by Annie Spratt



Carefully structured workouts to give you those much-sought-after endorphins. We cater for all fitness levels looking to improve your strength, cardiovascular fitness and overall mobility. Throughout our Escapes you'll have the opportunity to run, walk, lift and stretch.


The key to feeling good comes from within. Our delicious menu will provide you with all the macro and micro nutrients to make sure you feel satiated, energised and most of all, replenished. We aim to cater towards all dietary requirements, please inform us of any you have upon booking.


As important to our health and wellbeing, managing stress and fatigue is paramount to feeling our best. With ample downtime and no strict requirement to join in every activity you can enjoy pressing pause, pop your feet up and optimise your recovery.


We appreciate alone time is necessary from time to time but we prefer sharing fun with friends. With group meal times, group workouts and opportunities to explore the local area with fellow guests, TRUE Escapes aims to elevate your social side.




Having trained as an actor, Ben turned his performative skills to his side passion of fitness. Currently working at some of the top gyms in London alongside his personal training business, he works with various international online fitness companies spreading his passion for health around the world. 


Understanding the true impact of delicious food combined with functional nutrition, Ben not only brings flare to his cooking but to his workouts too. A true advocate for all things "TRUE”.

He found a love of all things food at University and has honed his skills cooking relentlessly and passionately since then. He led virtual cooking lessons over lockdown and has catered for endless group events and dinners. 

A big advocate for finding balance in life, he will take you through your paces during the team sweats, cooking you mouthwatering meals and always up for a laugh.




A firm believer in the medicine of movement, Dottie has built a wealth of knowledge behind the power of exercise and how to incorporate this into your daily routine. All you need is a kickstart. She is here to give you just that.

Starting an active lifestyle at the ripe age of 3, Dottie trained professionally as a dancer, enabling her to understand the true value and importance of strength, stamina and nutrition. Fun and enjoyment has always played a key role in her fitness journey and she brings that to all of her workout sessions.

Dottie now with 10+ years of experience, coaches individuals globally, locally in London and to the masses at a number of boutique studios across the capital. She aims to reach as many individuals as possible and help educate them on easy lifestyle adjustments in order for them to "fill their cup" in a healthy, active and fun way.

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